Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ufo fireworks

Was trying to record some fireworks and a ufo comes to see what the fak is going on

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ufo 25/9/2011 Close one!

Ufo 25/9/2011 Hd latest one.. will add more when they happen check back whenever!

Ufo x2 !

Ufo x2 in HD

Triangle ufo

I think this might be a triangle ufo its hard to tell, note the blinking pattern of the lights HD

Ufo 9th july 2011

Just about a day light sighting HD

Possable ufo 2

Another possable ufo! HD

Possable ufo

This one is proberly a ufo its to far away to be sure! HD

nice and close ufo

This looked much closer via my eyes vs the cam i think 28mm had something to do with that im going to try 50mm, ive tested that and it looks much closer distance wise!

scouting orb?

Two orange ufos

A few ufos!

Some more !!! also watch out for around the 2.30 markand on wards ...

Danceing Ufos

Your going to need to fullscreen this and use 480p to see the other ufo in this!

Another Orange ufo

Yet another one

Orange orb UFO England

Another one of my ufo vids! im uploading them all up until the latest one then who knows when i will get more! check back soon